Teardrops are “micro-campers” meant to be towed by virtually any vehicle. They are available in 2 person models or 4 person models. Check out our gallery to see some of the quality teardrop campers we have built over the years.


EscapePod Trailers by GeistWerks is a family owned and operated, heirloom-quality teardrop camper builder in Minnesota.  After 6 years of business, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials, production standards and impeccable customer service. You won’t find any better value than an EscapePod.

Our facilities are located on a 7-acre country setting and feature green building technologies, sustainable build methods and quality that sets the standard for the teardrop camper industry.

The EscapePods Difference

Why EscapePods?


Earth Friendly: First and foremost, we use sustainable, renewable and recyclable products in our trailers. It is important that we build to Green Standards.

We know you can likely buy a teardrop at a lower price, but when it comes to our product, our focus is quality. We want you to have an heirloom quality trailer that is safe and well engineered so that it lasts for decades:

Our Trailers

Our trailers are engineered and custom built for strength, quality, durability and longevity. Custom fabricated  (welds) from box steel tube, we would bet you won’t find a stronger base for your trailer in today’s builder market.  Powder coated and sealed for long life with high end 15″ tires, we would put our trailers up against any on the market today. And because we make our frames so solid, we stand firmly behind our product. Bolted together kit trailers from China are not part of our repertoire. We guarantee your product and it’s safety on the road. We are NHTSA certified and issue our own VIN numbers. Ask your builder if they issue VIN numbers, if not, they likely build on someone else’s frames. Pre-issued VIN numbers mean a utility trailer not meant for a camper or other purpose.

Our axles are special too.  With a tuned torsion suspension, they give a smooth ride with a clean appearance and no maintenance.

Our Hatch

We believe we have the strongest and lightest hatch made. Using a proprietary method, our hatches are rigid and give zero flex.  Why is that important you ask? Well, a hatch that flexes can also warp which means water can get into your hatch.  When buying a trailer, don’t be afraid to give the hatch a twist to see how much give there is. Is it made entirely of wood? Chances are it will warp or rot over time. Our hatches use composite parts and won’t warp, rot or flex…Period!  You will see the difference when you test our hatches against the rest.

The Floors

The floor of our lovely little Teardrops are rot proof, water proof  and exceptionally strong. They are composed of non-permeable composites that add strength, and reduce weight and no splinters! It also makes your bed much easier to make as the mattress slides easily. No splinters here!

The Devil is in the Details 

Our anodized aluminum material costs only a little more but is built for the long haul. No smudging, staining or fingerprints. It’s hardened surface resists scratches and the acidic effects of bugs and tree sap that can ruin other aluminum finishes.  This aluminum product looks amazing for the entire lifetime of your trailer and never needs polishing.  It is the ultimate in style and ease of care. Looking for a mirror finish?  Or a color?  Anodized offers many options to make your EscapePod unique. We can work with you on making a statement that is uniquely your own. We help you through the design process with and assist you in creating a trailer that expresses your unique style and personality. Want to start on the process? Click here to take our survey to identify what is important to you in your camper. We will send back options for a camper tailored just for you

Our Promise

You will find that we are extra picky with our products. We pay attention to all the little details to make sure everything is perfect when you take delivery of your new trailer. And we stand behind our products no matter what. This is not just a business to us, it is a way of life, a commitment, a promise…any issues with your trailer, we are there. We have ALWAYS responded and supported our trailer owners with whatever they needed where ever they needed it. Even if that meant driving all night to get to an owner. With an EscapePod you get a trailer and a support team to help when you need it!

Still Trying to Figure Out the Best Camper for you???

Not sure what exactly how to choose a camper? Download our Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Teardrop to Fit Your Needs. Click here to download.