Minneapolis RV Show

Well, it was a great weekend at the Minneapolis RV Vacation and Camping Show. We spent the weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center and we were able to talk to SO many great people. Mike and I are both thankful for all the people who came out to see us and check out our product. We were humbled by all the great comments and positive reception. Thank you Minneapolis for the warm welcome. I think we may be back next year. It was an exhausting but great weekend!

Check back later in the day Monday to see the winners of the drawing!

Come See Us at the Minneapolis RV Show!

It’s Official! We had a bit of a switch in our schedule. We were originally scheduled to be at the St. Cloud Sportsman’s Show next weekend, but we have decided to go to the


. Unfortunately, we had to choose one or the other, unless someone has a cloning machine!

We got a mention in a story in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune Here is the link if you want to check it out. A big thank you to Tony for taking the time to learn about our little campers and business. We appreciate it!

So come and see us at the Minneapolis RV show! We will have show deals going on if you are in the market for a Teardrop. Our build calendar is filling up fast, so give us a call or send an email to reserve your spot. We look forward to meeting you at the show!


2 person display
Showing off the EscapePod


Winners of the Drawings

Thank you to all of you who registered to win the prizes that we were giving away at the St. Paul Sportsman’s Show last weekend. We drew for the prizes and the winners were:

Rich and Sue Mikes from Waconia, MN were the winners of the Coleman tabletop butane stove in carrying case. A great item for backpacking, hiking or even picnicking!

Congratulations Rich and Sue!

And the winner of the Teardrop Rental is Wendy T. We are still trying to reach Wendy to get her prize sent to her. If we are not able to contact her by Monday, we will redraw, but I am sure she will call back when she gets my message. Congratulations to the winners and thanks again for stopping to visit us at the show.

Teardrop choices

Follow Up

A Milestone

Last weekend we did our first regional show. We were lucky to do the Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show at the St. Paul River Center. It was a real learning experience for us. We are so grateful to all the wonderful people that stopped by our booth to visit and check out our lovely little teardrops. Check back here tomorrow to see the winner of the Coleman stove and the Free Teardrop Rental! We will be calling the lucky winners too so stay tuned.


Visit Us at the Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show This Weekend in St. Paul

minnesota teardrop builder escapepods
An EscapePod Trailer in it’s natural habitat

EscapePod Trailers will be attending the 2018 Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show at the RiverCenter in St. Paul, MN this weekend. The show, which is the 48th Annual opens Thursday, Jan. 18 and runs through Jan. 22.  For more information the website is https://www.stpaulsportshow.com/

We will be in booth #703 right next to the “FurEver Wild” display with the wolves and big cats. Stop by and say hello and register for our free drawing. See you at the Show!

Step One—Changing My Definitions

Hello All!

I felt like it was time to start logging what I have been doing over the last few days. As Per my previous posts, I have decided that it is time to take control of my life. How does one DO that exactly??

The Major Obstacle

I think the biggest challenge that I face is really my own internal definitions. There was a point in my life when somehow I decided, probably more unconsciously than anything, that my definition of myself was based on how much money I could make and how much stuff I could acquire. After all, that is what we are taught from early on, right? Buying stuff will make us infinitely more ________. Fill in your own blank, we are hit with millions of images that indicate that the latest product will make us happier, smarter, more attractive, thinner, taller, sexier etc. Buying things solves all our problems, right?

The Mental Challenge

Step one of my journey was to create an internal dialogue to convince myself that the THINGS do not equal happiness. I had to redefine how I viewed success. I hate to admit it, but for me the paycheck was my measuring stick. But no matter how much more I made, it did not seem to be enough. It was a vicious cycle. That want is mistaken for need. When you are trying to raise a family and take care of our children obviously it takes money. But is that really the happiness quotient? I don’t think it is. Now that I had money and stuff, I was definitely not happy. So how do we break the cycle?

The Mind Shift

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers and for everyone this is a very personal journey. But when I thought about continuing Down the current path my life was on, it made me cringe…is this how I want to spend the next XX number of years?The answer was a resounding NO. So something HAD to change. I had to ask myself two questions…first, if you knew you were about to lose all of your STUFF but could choose just one thing to save, what would it be?

And second, if you could be at your own funeral and listen to the eulogy, what would your loved ones say?

We will talk about those questions soon. Think about your answers and we will discuss them soon.

More to come,


Simplicity IS Freedom

simplicity is freedom make your escape
The American Dream?

Realization of Stuff..Is this normal

By all accounts, I guess some might consider me to be living the American Dream.  Three great kids who are grown, a loving and wonderful husband, a career in which I have progressively risen in the ranks of corporate America and continue to do well in. Indeed, I feel very fortunate and blessed to have such great people in my life. The biggest gift I feel I have is the wonderful friends and family that have been part of the journey. I also have had a business and a beautiful home that we were fortunate to raise our kids in. Indeed, I am proud of my accomplishments, but as my kids have grown and started to leave home, I feel a sense of loss and unrest. Is this normal? Am I the only one feeling this?

What the heck was I thinking???

You see, I have always spent my career doing the hard things in order to support the house, the kids and their pursuits, whatever the family needs were at the time. I have worked long hours, traveled around the world and even been away for years at a time to further my career and pay for this American dream. But it somehow seems hollow. I look around at the mountains of “stuff” that is the physical representation of my life. And it distresses me. All of this “stuff” that seemed so necessary at the time has become a monster consuming my time. It seems that we spend the first half of our lives accumulating “stuff” that is supposed to make us happy. I traded precious time for this “STUFF.” What the heck was I thinking??

Reprioritizing–The Resolution

Since it is now 2018 it seemed like a good time to start moving this train forward! My husband and I have talked about this at length. How do we change the reality that what we have is not the solution, it is the problem? We want to escape things we previously thought would bring us happiness and define success. This is the beginning of my journey to shift the paradigm of my life. To walk away and reject the normal and seek the extraordinary.

This blog is my honest documentation of the journey to change my life. I no longer want to have to spend all my time and energy worrying about this stuff. My goal is to refocus my life on seeing new things, meeting new people, PARTICIPATING in my children’s journey and focusing for once on time with my beloved husband, my loved ones and, dare I say it, myself. I want to enjoy doing the things that truly make us happy. To reexamine how we get to the place where we can enjoy and experience life, not feel dragged through it at a frenetic pace trying to “do it all” and have it all.

Simplicity is Freedom–The Beginning

Despite all the media images that tell me buying this or that will make me happy that none of it is true. I find happiness in simplicity, in the freedom to go where I choose and do what I love. This realization led us build “EscapePods.” We believe “Simplicity is freedom.” However, that belief got lost (or at least all mixed up) with the-day to-day realities of our lives. With this blog, I will document the journey to return to the simpler life. I know it won’t be easy, but my belief is that if I align my life with my inner beliefs, I know we will be doing the right things. We will be going against the perceived standards in this country but I have always welcomed both challenge and change.

simplicity is freedom
My idea of a simpler life

Are you on a similar journey?  I would love to hear your story. Maybe we can make this journey together!

All the best,


The American Dream?? Has Become a Nightmare!

Too Much Stuff!!

Like most Americans, I struggle with the day to day realities of what we view as what we have come to believe is the American dream.  We have been shown that the big house, nice cars and all of these material goods will make us happy. That we should work to be the best and have the best and that then we will be successful.  As I have worked through my career, that seemed like it was the only thing to do.  Take care of kids, hold down a job, maintain a house and create an environment that looked like it came out of the pages of “House Beautiful.”

The Pursuit of Happiness?

After chasing this reality, I have come to believe that this is all a lie.  A big ruse perpetrated on the American populous to promote the consumerism that is this country. After working since age 14, buying the big house and raising my kids, I find myself in a world that is NOT making me happy.  With children transitioning out of college and into their own lives, my husband and I look around at all the things that we need to do to maintain this dream home.  We need to replace the roof, the house needs to be painted and we are in serious need of additional landscaping.  Add in a business property, employees, acquisitions, a new corporate job and I find myself looking at my life and questioning how I used to define as success. How is this impacting my stress, my health, my enjoyment?

The Dream Is a Nightmare

This is the opposite of happiness.  Facing working long hours and then struggling to take care of a property that has become way too large. This is not how I imagined spending my time after the kids left the house. The house that I love now seems to carry with it so many things that will consume my time. What have we done?  This suddenly is not a dream.  It has become a nightmare.

You Can’t Take it With You

We have become so attached to our stuff, that when I look around I see the same affliction…we think we need to take 3 suitcases of stuff and pack the car full of things that we “may” need in our travels. Oh we might need this, better throw it in…and soon we have so much stuff to tote with us that we are overwhelmed. You can take it with you, but shouldn’t we be asking, can I do without it instead of I might need to use this. They say you can’t take it with you, but it seems we try!