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HEIRLOOM QUALITY TEARDROP BUILDER–EscapePod Trailers by GeistWerks is a family owned and operated, heirloom-quality teardrop builder in Minnesota. We create custom, quality teardrops in New London. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials, production standards and impeccable customer service. You won’t find any better value than an EscapePod. Our facilities are located on a 7-acre country setting and feature green building technologies, sustainable build methods and quality that sets the standard for the teardrop industry. Download our free Ultimate Guide to Quality Teardrops by clicking the buyers guide link below. And welcome…we hope you will check out our blog, add your own comments and join us to find YOUR escape today.
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custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
We will tell you about our journey, we would love to hear about yours. Check out our blog #findyourescape
Where will you escape? We all have a limited amount of time, how will you spend that time? Giving it up in pursuit of things? Or finding happiness wherever it may be?


custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
Where will your journey take you?


We believe that you should live your life on your terms..

“Gee I wish I would have worked more” said NO ONE EVER….Take control and find your escape.


Roam, do, see, conquer, explore
custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
Don’t follow the crowd, find your own path.

 What are you waiting for, check out our models today. Whether you are going solo or with a group, you owe it to yourself. We have the right solution for your journey.

custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
Be yourself, everyone else is taken.



custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
EscapePods have a style all their own, designed to reflect your individual style and needs.
custom, heirloom quality teardrop builder
Our teardrops stand out from the crowd. Do you?

What is different about an EscapePod?



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